Niche blogging an easy way to make money

April 12th, 2010

What one might have noticed, is that it has become more and more difficult to earn money online with blogs or websites due to increased competition on most popular keywords.

Today, there is actually no point in spending all of your time on writing hundreds of articles and trying to get thousands of backlinks for only a few dollars. Why should you waste doing so much effort for nothing ? Ok maybe a few years ago there were still some opportunities, but today all of this is over and it’s getting really difficult to to get well positionned on Google.This is particularly true for the english market, where all popular sectors & topics are already covered by thousands of SEO competitive websites.

Nevertheless there is a solution in order to make a solid online income very easily and on a regular basis. The solution is called niche blogging. Niche blogging consists in writing about specific topics which are far less competitive, but still have a decent amount of traffic. A niche topic could be a topic about specific brand products. For example instead of writing about gardening, you could write about specific gardening tools. Basically these are the long tail keywords. Google Keyword tool can help you find these keywords.

If you want even less competition, you should write in other languages such as german or french. I have several websites on french niche topics. For example I have a website on Faux Ongles (Fake Nails) and a brand new one on Faux Cils (fake eyelashes). No worry if you don’t speak that language, you can either translate english content to french using translation tools, or better you can even pay a small amount to someone who will translate your text in the language you want. This is generally not expensive. For those interested, I can translate their english to french for a very cheap price if they include a backling to my niche websites.

Once your niche websites are online, that you have a few quality backlinks, you can easily appear on first page of google for many keywords. Then ad a few google adsense slots on your websites using the tips I gave you in my previous. After a few months, you will be earning a decent amount of money, and you’ll be gald to see that it’s that easy!

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Improving your Adsense Click through rate

April 10th, 2010

Many bloggers earn money through the well known Google Adsense program. Willing to increase their revenues rapidly, most of the bloggers tend to think about SEO and link building but tend to forget the basics.

If you have a decent amount of trafic, before trying to get more trafic and money through Google Adsense, you should analyse your website and see how you could improve your Adsense CTR and earnings.This step is actually quite easy and can considerably improve your Adsense click through rate.

The best solution in order to improve your Adsense click through rate, is to test different ad placements and different ad formats. For example you could put your Adsense underneath the title of your blog, or on the left menu of your website. Each website is different, so don’t think that what you read online is valid for your website. By doing a few tests on one of my website I managed to double my click through rate and my earnings from this site.

Another solution is to use a click heatmap software such as Clickheat on your website to see where people tend to click. Once you have found out where people click the most, simply put an Adsense unit ad. And guess what ? your adense CTR will considerably increase! It’s as easy as that.

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